Bespoke Activities

Bandhavgarh national park

Bespoke Activities in Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh National Park is an ideal location to engage in a wide gamut of activities that are exhilarating and unique, thus making it a remarkable choice for every discerning traveller.

At Pugdundee Safaris we delight in offering our guests different bespoke activities, specially tailor-made to suit ones preferences.

You can choose from a medley of activities. These may include an exhilarating open jeep safari inside the tiger reserve, night patrol or night safari in the buffer area, walking and cycling trails, village visits to give you a glimpse into the culture of the indigenous tribes of the region, alfresco meals under a sky full of stars, or breakfast and meals in our bountiful organic garden, surrounded by the fresh harvest of the day. Or, you can just go exploring our butterfly garden, for a multitude of winged wonders while they flint around gathering their gossamer wings.

We also offer evening interactive, audio visual sessions with our trained naturalists, to acquaint you with the flora-fauna and the land.

At Pugdundee Safaris, we encourage our guests to undertake different activities, so that they go back armed with a treasure trove of memories and activities from the heart of wilderness that stoked them.

Enthralling Jeep Safaris

Jeep Safaris in Bandhavgarh National Park are an adrenaline pumping experience that entail tracking the king of the forest and the other jungle denizens.

Bandhavgarh National Park is divided into core and buffer zones. The morning and afternoon safaris are offered in the core zones - Magadhi, Tala and Khitauli. An experienced naturalist accompanies our guests, to help them understand the forest landscape and its many inhabitants. Our naturalist ensures a befitting safari experience in the depths of the forest with not just sightings of wildlife, but also stories from the jungle.

The night safaris are offered in the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh National Park at twilight hour. This is a pulsating experience that takes you into the mysterious forests, plunged in the depths of the darkness, with just the forest ... Read More

Adventures on a Nature Trail

Did you know the best wilderness experiences happen on a leisurely foot trail? After all you get to experience nature up close and personal. Our naturalists look forward to taking you on a walking tour, exploring our forested estate and the fringes of the forests. This intimate experience of exploring the thriving biodiversity of Bandhavgarh is not just a charming way to imbibe nature lessons, but also opens up a whole new vista into the wild.

Spot different species of birds, butterflies and dragon flies, or the most tiny residents of the forests, like weaver ants or bees; hard at work. If you get lucky, you may chance upon a pair of eyes gazing back at you, that could belong to any of the local residents, that home with us. ... Read More

Exploratory Cycling Trails

Explore the bountiful countryside of Bandhavgarh on a charming cycling trail.

Our experienced naturalists at Pugdundee Safaris are more than happy to accompany you, and take you on an unhurried tour. One that weaves through the various hamlets, and the buffer zone of the forests. Explore the forests and the rural settings of Bandhavgarh, while leisurely pedalling through the glorious countryside.

Brace yourself, for an odd, chance encounter with the wild denizens, or simply enjoy of being one with the wilderness while soaking in all the breathtaking views.

Charming Village Walks

Our quaint village walks, traverses through the hamlets that have been an integral part of the forests, dating back in time.

Delve into the lives of the local community, many of who are talented artisans. Break bread or, learn a lesson or two from lives of the indigenous tribes, like the Baiga tribe of the region who coexist with the forests as one.

If the interaction with the locals stirs a chord or two, dive deep in; and volunteer for one of our community programs. Or, simply carry back home a bunch of memories of the local culture, and tradition of Bandhavgarh and it’s indigenous communities.

Our Flourishing Organic Farm and Butterfly Garden

Kings Lodge has a sprawling Organic Farm and a Butterfly garden that is home to over 40 different species of butterflies. In our kitchen garden we regularly harvest fresh, organically grown seasonal vegetables, spices such as bay leaf, lime, an array of leaves and vegetables, etc. These more often than not, are lovingly served on your plate.

This idyllic location in the lodge premises, is a perfect haven where you can spend quiet afternoons, or mornings reading a book, or exploring various flora, or learning about our resident butterflies.

Engaging Evening Interaction

Every evening at sundown, our inhouse naturalists conduct interactive, audio visual session in our library. This is an ideal time to expand your understanding about the forests and its denizens, while discovering a book or two that may stoke your inner Mowgli, as well.

You may come across like minded people, and exchange notes on your wildlife sightings, or proceedings of the day. Or, bond over just about any conversation under the sun.

Full Day safaris

Full day permits or special all-access permits are a boon to professional wildlife photographers and enthusiasts. The parks in India close for about three hours during mid-day during which all the vehicles must exit the park. These special full day photography permits allow the vehicle to enter 15 minutes earlier than regular vehicles and also exit 15 minutes later besides allowing access to all zones of the park. The guests have the option to exit for a quick break or stay put inside for the complete day. Timings tend to change as per season and the park rules.